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As a lamp illuminates the objects in darkness, the positions of planets and its map (horoscope) enlightens the effects of our deeds of our previous karmas. (Of a different incarnation). The planets indicates that how our karmas are responsible for our enjoyments and sufferings in present birth. Jyotish is a sacred tool, which can illuminate and elucidate the intricacies of our life. It is a sacred process and has to be exercised in a divine manner. The horoscope is the seed of our several incarnations or births.

Jyotish Service

It is an exact map of the astronomical sequence of planets that can help to interpret a variety of things about a native.
Planets though far away affect us in every possible manner. For example, there are many studies, which link Psychological patterns with lunar cycles. Moon according to Vedic Jyotish rules the Psyche of a person and in Jyotish, it is linked to (Not Sun sign) the overall character of a person.


According to me, Jyotish is more of a pious and sacred work. Unlike the modern Jyotishis, I follow a very traditional and yet very scientific approach for understanding and interpreting the patterns of life. Jyotish is a two way process. The querist and the interpreter both need a faith system. They also need a literal belief in goodness of life and the primordial intelligence that prevents all chaos.
This magical math can only work through the twin keys of faith and divinity.
I use two charts to analyze the different shades of a persons life. This involves the Prasna chart (Chart at the time of query) and a birth chart (Chart when you are born.) The method used to interpret the charts is Nadi Jyotish and Prasna. I have worked for many years to simply test different methods and combinations. These two tools have proven to be very successful so far. I can even use Prasna to analyze a secret question, which the querist might not have revealed. I have tested and shared working examples in different issues of our magazine.